Beate Klarsfeld Foundation

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was established to bring to justice Nazi criminals, to oppose crimes against humanity, to help Jewish people where persecuted, to identify important documents and preserve a historic record.

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2000 French President praises Nazi-hunter Klarsfeld (Jewish Chronicle, Oct. 6)
French French prime minister signs decree granting reparations to Holocaust orphans (AP)
1999 French French prime minister Lionel Jospin...(source N/A, Nov. 14)
Swiss Send Papon Back to France After His Arrest at Resort(International Herald Tribune, Oct. 23)
Jewish mavericks hunt their last Nazi(The Sunday Times, Apr.
Innocence and Experience(The New Republic, Jan. 19)
War Criminal Sentenced(The Forward, Apr. 1)
1997 A Nazi-hunter's children's story(The Jerusalem Post, Jul. 27)
Holocaust's Children, One by One by One(The New York Times, Feb. 7)
The Sound of Voices Intoning Names(London Review of Books, Jun. 5)
1996 Syria hints at Brunner cooperation(The Jerusalem Post, Dec. 4)
The Holocaust Children Who Did Not Grow Up(The New York Times, Dec. 5)
1995 France Urged to Aid Its Orphans of War(The Forward, Oct. 20)
Apres Chirac, French Jewry Setting Sights an Restitution(The Forward, July 21)
U.S. Urged to Bar Frenchman for War Deeds(The New York Times, Feb. 22)
Slaughter of the Innocents(The New York Times, Jan. 25)
1994 How Arno Klarsfeld Sent Touvier to Le Slammer(n/a)
Mitterrand delayed war-crime probes(n/a)
1993 Victims of Vichy, victims of France(Financial Times, Jul. 24)
An Assassin Beats the Courts to the Punch(Newsweek, Jun. 21)
France Will Remember Jews Sent to Nazi Camps by Vichy(The New York Times, Feb. 4)
French Jews demonstrate against wreath-laying at Vichy head's grave(n/a)
French Nazi collaborator Touvier to be tried(n/a)
Ruling in Nazi Collaborator's Favor Angers French(The New York Times, n/a)

1992 French Jews, led by Klarsfelds, protest in Germany (Jerusalem Post, Oct. 20)
- French Charge Ex-Vichy Officials With War Crimes (AP, Aug. 7)
- French Collaborators: The New Debate (The New York Review of Books, Jun. 25)
- Barbie received notoriety (The Cincinnati Enquirer, May 27)
- Relatives retrace ride to Auschwitz (Jerusalem Post, Apr. 7)
- Stalking The Last Nazi (New York Magazine, Jan. 13)
- French opposition to Vichy decrees (AP, n/a)
- 1991 Court Cases May Put Vichy France In The Dock for Holocaust Deaths (International Herald Tribune)
- Controversial gas chamber expert fears for life if jailed on license rap (Boston Sunday Herald)
- Expel Nazi, honoree urges (Albany Times)
- Jewish groups demand inquiry into long-lost French police files (AP)
- Nazi-era police chief indicted in France (The Jerusalem Post)
- Resolution introduced to extradite top Nazi (AP)
- Dumas's Damascus Visit Is Called Off (International Herald Tribune, Dec. 15)
- Beate Klarsfeld held in Syria (Jerusalem Post, Dec. 12)
- Beate Klarsfeld expelled from Syria (Jerusalem Post, Dec. 8)
- French Trial Ordered In a War Crimes Case (The New York Times, Nov. 20)
- Expel Nazi, Honoree Urges (n/a, Oct. 28)
- Deadly Census (Jerusalem Post, Jul. 4)
- Resolution introduced to extradite top Nazi (Jerusalem Post, Apr. 12)
- Nazi-era police chief indicted in France (The Jerusalem Post, Apr. 7)
- Judgement On Vichy (The Independent On Sunday, Mar. 24)
- Court Cases May Put Vichy France In the Docks for Holocaust Deaths (International Herald Tribune, Jan. 6)
- Jewish groups demand inquiry into long-lost French police files (AP, n/a)

1990 Case reopened-Vichy police chief to stand trial (AFP)
- Cogs in the Wheel of Genocide (TIME)
- Fugitive Henchman of Haddad Street (Los Angeles Times)
- Delay in Trial of Suspect Accused of War Crimes Has France Astir (New York Times)
- Vichy: The trial that never was (The Jerusalem Post)
- East Germans Ask Syria to Extradite Nazi Suspect (Reuters, AP)
- France may have to face its Petain past (The Jerusalem Post)
- Vichy Aide Accused in Jewish Children's Deaths (New York Times)
- French Trial Ordered In a War Crimes Case (New York Times)
- Review of:Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers (Yadvashem)
- The last quarry of the Nazi Hunger (The Jerusalem Post)
- Book Reviews: Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers (n/a)
- Cogs in the Wheel of Genocide? (Time, December 17)
- Delay in Trial of Suspect Accused of War Crimes Has France Astir (The New York Times, Oct. 28)
- East Germans Ask Syria to Extradite Nazi Suspect (AP, n/a)
- France may have to face its Petain past (The Jerusalem Post, Dec. 18)
- Fugitive Henchman of Haddad Street (Los Angeles Times, Mar. 5)
- Nazi hunter to oppose Malden Holocaust revisionist (The Boston Globe, Dec. 11)
- The last quarry of the Nazi hunter (The Jerusalem Post, Mar. 3)
- The sorrow and the pity (Book Review) (The Sunday Times, Oct. 28)
- Vichy: The trial that never was (The Jerusalem Post, n/a)
1989 A New Book Is Said to Refute Revisionist View of Holocaust (The New York Times, Dec. 18)
- Nazi's Extradition Sought by France (International Herald Tribune, Dec. 1)
- Vichy Aide Accused in Jewish Children's Deaths (The New York Times, Sep. 17)

1988 Former French Official Again Indicted for Role In Deportation of Jews (Reuters, n/a)

1987 Arnaud Klarsfeld, the 21-year-old son of (Jerusalem Post, Sep. 22)
- Barbie gets life (The Jerusalem Post, n/a)
- Beate Klarsfeld -- dauntless Nazi hunter (n/a)
- Documenting the fate of Rumanian Jewry (The Jerusalem Post, n/a)
- For Klarsfeld, Hunter of Barbie, Chase Nears Its End (International Herald Tribune, May 13)
- Klarsfeld Calls on Jury To Find Barbie Guilty (Reuters, n/a)
- Klarsfeld calls for resignation (JTA, Dec. 23)
- Thugs beat heckler (Jewish Chronicle, n/a)
- Turning of the Tide? Austria's second thoughts about Waldheim (Newsweek, Dec. 21)

1986 Klarsfeld contacts Beirut kidnappers (The Jerusalem Post, Feb. 4)
- Klarsfeld in Beirut as 'substitute hostage' for Jews (Reuters, Jan. 19)
- French Nazi-hunter Serge Klarsfeld arrives... (The Jerusalem Post, Feb. 21)
- Serge Klarsfeld may replace Beate in Beirut (n/a, Feb. 5)
1985 Bonn applies for extradition of Eichmann aide from Syria (The Jerusalem Post, Jan. 13)
1984 An Archive Puts Faces on Nazis' Young Victims (The New York Times, Dec. 18)
- 3 Are Honored for Defending Rights of Jews (The New York Times, Dec. 9)
- U.S. Releases File on Vatican Help for Nazis (International Herald Tribune, Jan. 29)
- The Woman Who Avenged The Children of Izieu (Parade Magazine, Jan. 22)
- U.S. asked to press Paraguay on Mengele (The Jerusalem Post, n/a)
- Klarsfeld honoured for anti-Nazi work (AP, n/a)
- $26,500 offered for finding Mengele (n/a)
1983 Beyond Barbie (The Jerusalem Post Magazine, Mar. 18)
- The Klarsfeld Saga (International Herald Tribune, Mar. 6)
1982 Klarsfeld to Syria to get Eichmann aide (The Jersusalem Post, Jun. 24)
1980 'Holy Document' of Auschwitz Found (The New York Times, Aug. 14)
- Gestapo Crimes—And Punishment (Newsweek, Feb. 25)
- Victory for justice (The Jerusalem Post, Feb. 14)
- 3 Ex-Nazis Get Jail Terms for War Crimes (The New York Times, Feb. 12)
- Long sentences meted out to 3 Nazis for war crimes (The Jerusalem Post, Feb. 12)
1981 Efforts to deny Holocaust foiled by Nazi records (Jewish Week, Oct. 25)
- Nazi-hunter: French minister should resign (n/a)

1979 Book Review: The Holocaust and Neo-Nazi Mythomania (n/a, Nov. 22)
- Express Train to Cologne (Time, Nov. 5)
- France Indicts Vichy Aide For Deportation of Jews (International Herald Tribune, Mar. 13)
- The French Connection (The Jerusalem Post Magazine, Jun. 8)
- Israelis to attend war crimes trial of 'three respectable men' (The Jerusalem Post, n/a)
- Klarsfeld family bring ex-Nazis to trial (n/a)
- Klarsfeld Went To Iran To Try To Help Jailed Jews (Tehran Times, May 29)
- Nazi-Hunting Is Their Life (The New York Times Magazine, Nov. 4) Neo-Nazis claim responsibility for bombing in Paris (Buffalo Jewish Review, Nov. 13)
- The Last Nazi Trial? (Newsweek, Nov. 26)
1978 The Nazi Watch (Newsweek, Jul. 7)
1976 Nazi Hunter Hurt (AP, n/a)
- 1975 Mrs. Klarsfeld Gets 2 Months For Attempt to Kidnap Nazi (International Herald Tribune, Jul. 10)
- Klarsfeld warns of delay in trying war criminals (The Jerusalem Post, Jul. 4)
- Move to nominate Beate for Nobel Peace Prize (The Jerusalem Post, Feb. 10)
- Bonn Ratifies Treaty to Plug Ex-Nazis' Freedom Loophole (International Herald Tribune, Jan. 2)
- Nazi-hunter Klarsfeld: Ready to go to jail (The Jerusalem Post, n/a)
1974 Beate Stirs A Hornet's Nest (Jewish Observer, Jul. 19)
- 2 months prison for Klarsfeld (The Jerusalem Post, Jul. 10)
- Anthem halts Nazi hunter's trial (The Guardian, Jul. 2)
- French Protesters Break Up German Trial of Nazi-Hunter (International Herald Tribune, Jul. 2)
- Beate Klarsfeld Trial Upheld After Uproar In Cologne Court (The Jerusalem Post, Jul. 2, 1974)
- Knesset to appeal to Bundestag to free Beate, try Nazi criminals (The Jerusalem Post, May 3)
- The Woman Who Slapped the Chancellor (The Jerusalem Post Magazine, Apr. 5)
- Beate facing prison while killers go free (The Jerusalem Post, n/a)
- Nazi Loophole Could Become a Noose (n/a)
- 'Ordnung muss sein!' (n/a)
- The German woman who hunts Nazis (The Jerusalem Post, n/a)
- Kidnap That Failed (n/a)
- Why Beate Courted Arrest (The Jerusalem Post, n/a)
1972 Husband of Beate Klarsfeld, Nazi Hunter, Arrested in Bonn (Los Angeles Times, Oct. 24)
- France Asks Peru For Alleged Nazi (The New York Post, Jan. 29)
- Bomb attempt at home of Klarsfeld (The Jerusalem Post, n/a)
1971 Intrigues Of a Nazi Nemesis (The New York Post, May 12)
1970 Woman Hits Kiesinger in Eye in Berlin and Gets Year (The New York Times, Nov. 8)