Beate Klarsfeld Foundation

serge beate
was established to bring to justice Nazi criminals, to oppose crimes against humanity, to help Jewish people where persecuted, to identify important documents and preserve a historic record.

Gallerie de photos

  • Beate-1986-beyrouth
    Beate-1986- Beyrouth
  • Beate-arno-dog-1972
  • Beate
  • BEATE2
    Beate in Germany
  • Georgy-l
    Remembering Georgy
  • Klarsfeld
    Serge Klarsfeld
  • Klf-chirac3
    Serge, Beate, Arno Klarsfeld et les Chirac
  • Klf-family2
    Serge, Beate, Arno Klarsfeld
  • Lida-arno-klarsfeld
    Arno et sa soeur cadette Lida
  • Sbk
    Serge, Beate Klarsfeld
  • Serge-kissing-beate
    Serge et Beate, pas de commentaires
  • Serge4
    Serge Klarsfeld
  • Video-beate
    The Klarsfelds video (2002)