Beate Klarsfeld Foundation

serge beate
was established to bring to justice Nazi criminals, to oppose crimes against humanity, to help Jewish people where persecuted, to identify important documents and preserve a historic record.

Memoires and Memoires-Poche
serge et beate klarsfeld

Nothing predestined this daughter of a soldier of the Wehrmacht and the son of a Romanian Jewish dead in Auschwitz to become the mythical "Nazi hunters" couple known. Their story starts with a bolt of lightning on a metro platform. Very quickly, with the support of Serge, Beate book in Germany a fight against former nazis.

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Then their struggle led them to the four corners of the world. In France, they hang out Klaus Barbie in court and plays a central role in the Bousquet, Leguay and Touvier, Papon trial. Neither threats nor arrests fail to bend a constantly renewed commitment. In this cross-autobiography, Beate and Serge Klarsfeld back on 45 years of activism, Prosecutor by doing their fight for the memory of the victims of the Holocaust